Fee Structure-NSTI(w) NOIDA

  CTS/CITS   Advanced Diploma  
Fee Head for SC/ST for Others for SC/ST for Others
Registration Fee        
Admission Fee 25 100    
Tution Fee 50 x years of course duration 150  x years of course duration    
Examination Fee 25 100    
Gymkhana Fee --- 100    
Caution Money        
Total for 1 year        
Total for 2 years        

Hostel Charges (payble by those who live in hostel in campus)

Charges Head Amount in Rs
Room Rent (Shared) 100 per month
Service Charges 50  Annual
Mess Charges (As decided during contract with external vendor) currently - 1,800 per month



Contact details

Telephone : 0120 - 2535266




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